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Funding Solutions for M&A Transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is one of Rialto Finance core activities. Usually, M&A transactions are complex, even in smaller tickets. Buyers and Seller have to consider legal, financial and last but not least tax implications. We act for either Seller or Buyer, never for both parties at once, enabling us to give dedicated advice to all questions that may arise throughout the transaction.

When acting in Mergers & Acquisitions on behalf of the Seller, we will take care of a proper valuation of the firm based on financials but also market influences. We also need to discuss how a Buyer pays the purchase price, as Buyers not often pay the whole purchase price in one single transaction. Depending on the transaction volume, not all Buyers have sufficient funding, meaning that other options must fill the gap by means of Shareholder Loans or Ear-Out agreements.

Our tailor-made M&A Transaction Advisory for Sellers covers all aspects of any transaction, resulting in a successful M&A closing.

On the Buyer side, we provide not just M&A Advisory in regard to valuations and questions related to M&A Due Diligence and M&A Compliance, but also in respect of available finance options. Our sophisticated M&A Transactions Finance helps buyers, to find the right finance partners.

Not just a bank loan, leaving the buyer alone with a gap, but also with M&A Transaction Funding Solutions, aiming to achieve a successful closing of the transaction. Through our M&A Purchase Price Finance, we enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Get the financing you need through our Mergers & Acquisitions Finance!

The key to success of any Mergers & Acquisitions transaction is getting the right finance structure in place. Various options are on the table — bank finance (usually 35 % — 50 % of the purchase price), Mezzanine Capital (another 20 % or 25 %) and — of course — savings. Without some kind of own funding, any transaction will fail.

If required and when appointed, we support our clients in lengthy negotiations with a seller and their lawyers, mainly to negotiate contractual issues and purchase price options.

Whether Buyer or Seller – it really makes sense to appoint us, if you want to smoothen any M&A Transaction. Why not contacting us for a free and no obligation initial consultation? We are looking forward to speaking to you.

Providing fast tailor-made M&A Finance Solutions to Buyers of any kind for over two decades gives us the experience you need for a successful M&A closing.

Even after conducting a transaction, we are ready to help with our range of Corporate Finance options. Get in touch to speak about your financial needs.

Simply contact us via our contact form and we will get in touch shortly.

Corporate Funding Solutions

ICO & STO Funding for Start-Ups

This modern way of funding has been all over the media in recent years. Find out if your project is suitable for such a funding solution. With us, you can rely on expert advice and years of experience to successfully implement your project.

Start-Up Finance - Asset Based

Some Start-Ups require smaller amounts of funding and have some kind of assets available, that might be used as a colleteral. Or they just need technical equipment, we may finance through a Leasing or Hire Purchase contract.

Start-Up Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding might be an interesting alternative to raise the capital much needed. We offer sophisticated and bespoke solutions to our customers at reasonable, flexible terms and conditions to highly competitive rates.

Bespoke Project Finance

No project is like another and therefore requires an inphisticatdividual approach. We offer just that – an assessment of each and any project to find a scalable funding solution according to needs.

Speak to us to find out more about modern Ways of Funding.

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